Anne F. McBride, FAICP and C. Gregory Dale, FAICP founded McBride Dale Clarion, a community planning consulting firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1999. MDC provides planning, zoning and development services to a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout the country. Our planners have decades of combined experience in drafting plans, zoning codes, and development regulations nationally. Our success in the preparation and implementation of community plans, land use, and zoning documents in many communities at various scales is proof of the array of skill the staff of MDC can provide to local communities.

In addition to the services and products created for public sector clients, MDC provides development services for numerous private clients and serves as planning staff for local cities and townships, and on planning and zoning boards for their own communities. The extensive experience in not only drafting planning documents but also working in development services, analyzing zoning regulations and plans for enforcement purposes, gives McBride Dale Clarion a unique and advantageous perspective on the creation of these tools. These unique qualities allow MDC to customize planning products for communities that reflect the values and issues within the community.