Comprehensive Plans

MDC staff members have written and managed comprehensive plans for a variety of jurisdictions in many states including incorporated cities, towns and villages, townships, counties, and multi-jurisdictional regional projects. MDC manages these broad scope projects to address the various challenges facing diverse communities.

Zoning Codes

McBride Dale Clarion staff has updated and rewritten zoning and subdivision codes and ordinances in multiple states. We have been awarded state and local planning awards for our user-friendly codes. We work on code updates at a comprehensive level, making direct connections to plans and strategies necessary to realize community visions.

Area Plans

MDC has completed specialized downtown, corridor, and small area plans for the development or redevelopment of sites within mature communities. In these projects MDC evaluates existing conditions and prepares redevelopment/ development proposals along with necessary implementation strategies. Many of these projects are focused on appropriate reuse, infill, or revitalization. Much of this work has led to follow-up projects with the clients to create design guidelines, overlay districts, or zoning code updates.

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