Macy Downey


Expertise Areas

Private Development Services

Zoning Codes

Ms. Downey is a 2018 graduate of the University of Cincinnati where she received her bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning. Macy joined the MDC Team soon after graduation as part of the private development services team. She is a professional planner who assists clients with zoning research, project coordination and the approval of development permits. She has also assisted with land use plans, zoning codes, and design guidelines on a variety of planning projects for public clients.

Professional Experience

Macy’s work is largely focused on development services for various private companies. Macy is responsible for the following items:  

  • Running in-depth research and analysis on zoning characteristics and associated items of subject development properties on local, regional or national levels.
  • Coordinating plans and review process(es) with utility providers and roadway authorities.
  • Acting as liaison between jurisdiction officials/staff, engineers, architects, and the client.
  • Processing and expediting the filing of any applicable applications for development work (i.e. site plan, variance, special/conditional use, building, health, etc.)
  • Processing the recording of real estate documents (i.e. plat, deeds).
  • Representing clients at jurisdictional boards and councils.
  • Testing newly drafted zoning ordinances for site applicability.

The type and amount of work completed varies for each development/project in order to better customize for the client’s needs.

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