Max Merritt


Expertise Areas

Zoning Codes & Comprehensive Plans

Area and Redevelopment Plans

Max Merritt is a 2021 graduate of the University of Cincinnati. He is a planner and designer with three years of experience across public, private, and non-profit sectors. Mr. Merritt is a new member to the MDC team, and he specializes in zoning, plan making, and transportation planning. Prior to MDC, Mr. Merritt worked as the staff planner for Miami Township in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Professional Experience

Mr. Merritt has reviewed zoning regulations and in multiple jurisdictions. This includes reviewing proposed developments against such standards, interpreting zoning regulations, and drafting planned development standards for new and existing development proposals.

Mr. Merritt served as planner for Miami Township in Montgomery County, OH. In this role he reviewed and processed zoning and development applications, prepared written memos, presented at public meetings, and coordinated with stakeholders.

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