Swapna Natesh Babu


Expertise Areas

Comprehensive Plans

Area and Redevelopment Plans

Swapna Natesh Babu is an urban planner/designer and is a new member to the MDC team. She is a proponent for sustainable urban design and inclusive community development practices. Her skills include creative placemaking, strategizing for neighborhood revitalization, mapping and analysis, 3D modelling and rendering, and graphic illustration. She has worked as an Urban Planner with a private design firm DPS in Albuquerque, NM and as an Architect with Horizon Architects and Associates in India.

Professional Experience

Ms. Natesh Babu has assisted in the Master Planning process for various cities and counties through her tenure as Urban Planner in New Mexico. She has documented and conducted extensive analysis of existing conditions, and was responsible for resource mapping, opportunities and constraints studies, visioning excercises and generating conceptual models for proposal exhibits. She has also assisted in facilitating public and stakeholder meetings in this process.

Ms. Natesh Babu has worked on and contributed to multiple urban development projects through various stages spanning from conception to approval and development . This includes research and presentation of development strategies, schematic design, graphic illustration and renderings.

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