Anderson Township

  • Adopted: 2016, currently being updated
  • Client: Anderson, Township, OH
  • Project Type: Comprehensive Plan Update

About This Project

McBride Dale Clarion has worked with Anderson Township on the two previous versions of their comprehensive plan and in 2015, the township hired the team led by Planning NEXT with support by McBride Dale Clarion to complete an update of their 2011 Comprehensive Plan. As part of the planning process, sustainability was identified as a priority issue for the township. McBride Dale Clarion presented possible plan initiatives focused on this issue including: the creation of a new mixed-use district to allow for easier review of mixed-use and higher density projects around the center of the township; provisions for solar and wind energy; allowances for community gardens and the keeping of chickens; and bicycle facility requirements.

MDC is excited to be joining Planning NEXT again and working with the Anderson Township staff for the the township’s 2021 update.

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