Columbia Township

  • Adopted: 2017
  • Client: Columbia Township, OH
  • Project Type: Comprehensive Plan Update

About This Project

Columbia Township, located in Hamilton County, Ohio, has experienced years of annexations and incorporations, which has transformed one of the largest townships in the region to now the smallest, resulting in a disjointed geography made up of nine “islands”. In 2011, the township hired McBride Dale Clarion to assist them with an update to their 2005 Comprehensive Plan. One of the priorities of the update was to refocus the goals and implementation strategies to propel desired growth in the township. A future land use map was created to guide implementation of the desired development patterns. McBride Dale Clarion also created area plans for three commercial corridors within the township. These plans included areas of target redevelopment, access recommendations, design guidelines, and implementation tools to bolster economic development.

MDC prepared light updates to the plan in 2017-2018.

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