Becoming Deerfield

  • Adopted: Adoption Anticipated 2021
  • Client: Deerfield Township, OH
  • Project Type: Comprehensive Plan Update

About This Project

Over the last decade or so Deerfield Township, with much of Warren County, has experienced significant growth. Coming out of the building boom of the early part of the millennium, the township evolved into a mature community with a diverse array of challenges and opportunities.

Today the township faces the challenges of managing aging commercial areas, new development, preservation of open spaces, provision of parks and recreation opportunities, provision of a pedestrian and bike network, a growing population, and establishing a distinct identity, while at the same time experiencing annexation pressures from the City of Mason and traffic congestion on state and county roads. The township experienced a slowdown in growth during the downturn of the economy, but development has once again picked up. Due to this demand in the new development projects, it is important that this comprehensive plan establish guidelines and goals to provide structure and predictability for future developments.

The plan provides a vision and image to which the township can aspire. The plan brings together the desires for a future that address the multi-faceted elements of a mature community.

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