Delaware Together

  • Adopted: In Progress
  • Client: City of Delaware, OH
  • Project Type: Comprehensive Plan Update

About This Project

McBride Dale Clarion is currently working with Planning NEXT to prepare and update the City of Delaware’s Comprehensive Plan; last updated in 2007. Delaware is a rapidly growing city in central Ohio which is experiencing demand for more than 400 new homes annually. The city has a substantial planning history and has built much of their housing development at sustainable densities. However, over time the city has changed significantly, and the community seeks to balance the preservation of the traditional and historic town character, and some of the surrounding rural character while still being a community that is welcoming growth and development. MDC is working on a place making and character-based approach to coordinate land use, transportation, historic preservation, open space and recreation, sustainability with fiscal responsibility, and affordable housing options in a demanding market.

MDC’s other responsibility for this project is the implementation plan. The firm will be working with staff and the steering committee to prioritize critical actions for short-term, mid-range, and long-range efforts, and establish an accountability tracking mechanism to insure the plan is useful and updated as needed.

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