Grandview Heights

  • Adopted: 2019
  • Client: City of Grandview Heights, OH
  • Project Type: Community Plan Update

About This Project

McBride Dale Clarion worked with the City of Grandview Heights, Ohio on an update to the city’s 1997 Community Plan. The Community Plan update process was run concurrently with the creation of a Civic Spaces and Places Plan (led by urban design firm, NBBJ) to ensure the recommendations from both plans were aligned and cohesive. The initial phases of both planning efforts were seamlessly integrated to ensure a common set of vision and goals were created to guide both plans.

The process provided various opportunities for the community to be engaged, ranging from in-person presentations and workshops to online surveys and feedback boards. The Community Plan update was also guided by a steering committee of community stakeholders. The final plan is organized around a series of themes which include: land use and character, transportation and connectivity, economic health, and environment and resiliency. Each theme has a unique goal, set of objectives, and clear implementation strategies for achieving the city’s desired results.

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