• Adopted: Anticipated Adoption 2021
  • Client: City of Loveland, OH
  • Project Type: Comprehensive Master Plan Update

About This Project

McBride Dale Clarion is consulting the City of Loveland in the preparation of the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan. The city sits on the borders of Symmes, Miami, and Hamilton Townships and has grown in popularity over the years becoming an attractive destination not only its residents, but also to tourists for its location to the Little Miami River and the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Its growing popularity is causing high traffic volumes and growth pressures on the community that the city hopes to address in this update.

Led by the Master Plan Steering Committee, the committee has been subdivided into smaller subgroups to tackle specific planning topics throughout the process. The process provides multiple opportunities for community engagement, ranging from in-person presentations and workshops (when possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic) to online surveys and feedback boards.

The plan will be organized around a series of themes which include: character and identity, parks and recreation, residential neighborhoods, and economic development. Each theme has a unique goal, set of objectives, and clear implementation strategies for achieving the city’s desired results.

In collaboration with YARD & Company, McBride Dale Clarion also completed the Loveland Downtown Strategic Development Plan in 2019.

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