Mount Pleasant

  • Adopted: 2019
  • Client: Town of Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Project Type: LRTP and Comprehensive Plan Update Assistance

About This Project

The Town of Mount Pleasant, SC is a rapidly growing Lowcountry suburban community adjacent to Charleston. The town has grown from a small riverfront town to nearly 90,000 people in just two decades. Today the community is a mix of traditional smalltown charm, historic Lowcountry Settlement Communities, and high-end suburban neighborhoods. The community boasts excellent schools and high-quality of life. However, the growth in the region and town has created heavy commuter traffic, and a loss of the sense of place.

In 2017, the town contracted with CDMSmith and McBride Dale Clarion to prepare a consolidated Long-Range Transportation Plan and Comprehensive Plan Update. This is a first for the town, and this plan departs from previous planning efforts by switching from a growth management approach to a managed change and redevelopment approach to planning. The process included close coordination with Charleston County and recommendations additional plans for joint area plans.

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