Plan Newtown

  • Adopted: 2020
  • Client: Village of Newtown, OH
  • Project Type: Comprehensive Plan Update

About This Project

The Village of Newtown is located just 20 minutes east of downtown Cincinnati. The village was first incorporated in 1901. It has experienced steady growth throughout the years due to strategic annexations of residential and industrial land, along with commercial development at the village’s key intersection of Church Street and State Route 32.
Plan Newtown, an update to the 1998 Comprehensive Plan, provides a fresh vision to the village. This update brings together community views to shape the Village of Newtown’s future to identify the possibilities for the village, and to establish implementable actions to reach the desired vision. The planning process to prepare this comprehensive plan update has been community driven and provides clear and defined priorities and actions the village can take to meet its desired goals; including investment in the village’s existing commercial corridors and adopting development standards to manage the character and quality of development within the village.

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