Blue Ash

  • Adopted: 2017 (ZC), 2015 (LUP)
  • Client: City of Blue Ash, OH
  • Project Type: Land Use Plan and Zoning Code Update

About This Project

Blue Ash, Ohio is located in the heart of the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area and is well known for its small town charm, top-rated amenities, major employers, and big city access.

In 2014, the city retained McBride Dale Clarion to update the City of Blue Ash’s Land Use Plan and Zoning Code. The land use plan, which was adopted by the city in June of 2015, is a graphically-rich vision document that focuses on development form, scale, and character.

The plan divides the city into six unique planning areas wherein their unique vision, goals, and appropriate land uses are defined. The land use plan update has set the foundation for the zoning code update, which has been completed and was adopted in January 2017.

The code update included innovative techniques including a market-led parking regulation, new zoning districts that align with the plan’s boundaries, and citywide architectural standards.

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