Delhi Township

  • Adopted: 2017
  • Client: Delhi Township, OH
  • Project Type: Delhi Pike, Parking, and Signage Regulations

About This Project

MDC has worked with Delhi Township numerous times over the years on a variety of projects. Most recently, MDC has completed two projects focused on updating specific sections of their zoning resolution.
In 2014, MDC worked with staff to update their parking and signage regulations. The purpose of this update was to reduce the overall parking requirements in an effort to minimize the overabundance of parking in their commercial districts and to modernize their signage regulations.

In 2017, MDC worked with the township to draft new regulations for the Delhi Pike Corridor. The new zoning regulations were intended to implement the vision established in the Delhi Pike Strategic Redevelopment Plan.

The project was conducted over two phases. The first focused on the core business district while the second phase focused on the more residential areas of the corridor. MDC drafted a total of 3 new zoning districts in association with this project all of which included updated permitted uses, development standards, building design and landscaping requirements.

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