• Adopted: 2020
  • Client: City of Bloomington, IN
  • Project Type: UDO Update – Diagnosis and Public Engagement

About This Project

Bloomington, Indiana is nestled in the rolling hills of southern Indiana. It is home to 85,000 residents and serves as a home away from home for tens of thousands of Indiana University students and alumni. In January, 2018, McBride Dale Clarion assisted Clarion Associates with an update to the city’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

The updates to the UDO focused on implementing the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan, developing Downtown regulations focused on the scale and form of development, modernizing and streamlining standards and processes, refreshing and simplifying permitted uses and regulations, and improving the usability of the code.

MDC’s primary role on the project was to complete the diagnosis of the City’s current regulations. This involved a detailed review of each chapter of their current UDO, providing recommendations on revisions and structural changes moving forward, and stating general comments and themes that will be implemented throughout the UDO.

In addition to the diagnosis, MDC was heavily involved with the public engagement and outreach throughout the UDO update process.

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