Little Rock

  • Adopted: 2018
  • Client: City of Little Rock, AR
  • Project Type: Extraterritorial Jurisdictional Cost of Growth Study

About This Project

In 2018, the City of Little Rock selected a team led by TischlerBise to analyze potential growth in the extraterritorial jurisdiction and estimate the costs associated with providing services and infrastructure to the area outside the current city boundaries.

McBride Dale Clarion assisted TischlerBise by developing three growth scenarios based on current land use and zoning regulations and estimated/forecasted regional growth. TischlerBise is preparing the cost and revenue analysis of the scenarios to examine how the city can best manage growth in this area and create policies to effectively manage the cost of service provision. McGetrick and McGetrick of Little Rock worked with the team to provide local insight on development trends, and networking and contact with various regional stakeholders. The city is also working with additional consultants to evaluate the same growth scenarios for sewer and water utility provision.

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