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Anne F. McBride is a founding Principal with McBride Dale Clarion and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Ms. McBride has extensive experience in providing a variety of planning services to both the public and private sectors. She specializes in coordinating teams of professionals to obtain the necessary reviews and approvals required for development to move forward. Anne has also served as the staff planner for Springdale since 1996. Her institutional knowledge is valuable asset to any planning process.

Professional Experience

Across the country, communities rely on their planning commissions for guidance, but who guides the planning commissioners? Ms. McBride, along with Greg Dale and Ben Herman, have authored The Planning Commissioners Guide designed to create a step by step guide book to get new commission members off on the right foot. The eight chapters cover the roles and responsibility of planning commissioners, how to prepare for and be an active informed commissioner and how to run effective meetings while steering clear of ethical issues. Part of the Citizen Planning Series, the book is designed to help citizens participate in a meaningful way in the planning and development of their communities.

Best known for her ability to help developers successfully analyze and navigate the development review process, Ms. McBride has also worked with numerous communities on a variety of planning projects including zoning resolutions, growth management plans, site feasibility studies, and neighborhood improvement plans. As the City Planner for Springdale, Ohio, since 1996, Ms. McBride is responsible for reviewing site plan and zoning applications, preparing staff reports, and attending planning commission meetings, as well as providing guidance to applicants. Ms. McBride has also provided expert testimony on planning and zoning issues for a variety of cases in both Ohio and Kentucky.

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