Elizabeth (Liz) Fields, AICP

Public Planning Manager

Expertise Areas

Zoning Codes

Comprehensive Plans

Area and Redevelopment Plans

Planning Staff Services

Ms. Fields is the Public Planning Manager for McBride Dale Clarion. She has worked in the planning field since 2007, became a certified planner in 2010, and has professional planning experience in both the public and private sectors. Since joining MDC in 2013, she has focused on writing and updating comprehensive plans, crafting zoning codes and development regulations, and serving as the staff planner to both Mason, OH and Loveland, OH. Prior to MDC, Ms. Fields worked as a planner for the City of Colorado Springs, CO and the Town of Windsor, CO. Her time as a staff planner gives her first hand experience into the necessary elements and dynamics needed to craft a user friendly, yet efficient code and plan.

Professional Experience

Ms. Fields currently serves as planning staff for the cities of Mason, Ohio and Loveland, Ohio. In this role she reviews site and development plans, drafts planning commission memos, presents at planning commission, and meets with developers and residents on potential development projects.

Ms. Fields has been involved with reviewing and drafting zoning regulations for a number of communities. This experience ranges from complete zoning code re-writes to drafting topic-specific regulations including Planned Unit Development sections, parking codes, sign regulations, and design guidelines.

Ms. Fields has worked on comprehensive plans, land use plans, and area plans both in Ohio and nationally. This experience includes research and analysis, public outreach, visioning and goal setting, policy development, plan writing, mapping, and graphic design.

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