Envision Harrison

  • Adopted: 2018
  • Client: City of Harrison, OH
  • Project Type: Comprehensive Plan Update

About This Project

Harrison, Ohio is a historic city that sits on the Whitewater River at the state line of Ohio and Indiana. Harrison has experienced some of the most significant growth in Hamilton County, and has nearly doubled in size in the last 20 years. Harrison has a strong industrial and commercial base.

As growth pressures remain strong for the near future, the city sought a more strategic and defined growth management strategy to deal with the impacts to the local schools and its character.

In collaboration with Harrison, Crosby, and Whitewater Townships, the city engaged in a grassroots planning effort to provide firm guidance for development and preservation for the future. Major topics included downtown revitalization; redevelopment of aging commercial corridors; improved pedestrian connectivity; and bike and trail connections to the regional park system, as well as enhanced development control for new subdivisions, and capital improvements and service provision.

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