Robert (Rob) Sweet

Senior Planner

Expertise Areas

Private Development Services

Planning Staff Services

Zoning Codes

Mr. Sweet is a professional planner who has focused his career on the private sector. He assists development clients by completing zoning research and processing development approval permits. In addition to his development services experience, Mr. Sweet has worked on a variety of land use planning, design guidelines, and urban renewal projects.

Professional Experience

Mr. Sweet assists other planners with the creation of land use plans and design guidelines, providing research, and drafting assistance on a variety of planning projects. Mr. Sweet has also assisted other McBride Dale Clarion staff members with acting as city planners.

Mr. Sweet is responsible for several private development clients. His tasks include entitlement research, zoning and permit research, development team coordination, and representation at various . Mr. Sweet is involved with most aspects of development services. He is responsible for several private sector clients and a majority of his projects are oriented to site specific development. His tasks include: entitlement, zoning, and permitting research on a local, regional, and national level; conceptual plan review; coordinating teams of development professionals; and providing representation and advocating client’s interests at various jurisdictional boards and councils. Mr. Sweet also assists clients with construction permitting and utility research. His primary responsibility is collection and evaluation of land use and zoning data needed for project analysis. These tasks require a combination of data collection in the field as well as electronic data searches. He is responsible for contacting municipalities and starting the development permitting process.

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